The Dwarves are currently divided among five different kingdoms:

History Edit

Many centuries ago, all five were united under a single banner, that of King Thorig Firefist’s, not only a valiant warrior, but also a benevolent ruler. No one had previously been able to unify the scattered Dwarven peoples until Thorig came, effectively putting an end to internal strife; and with him, a new era of peace, arts and craftsmanship flourished.

Nevertheless, the good King's rule lasted a mere 62 years, and soon after his mysterious disappearance (and presumed death), the formerly unified empire collapsed. Without a strong charismatic figure like Thorig to lead and unite the Dwarves, their kingdoms succumbed to doubt, greed and anger once again. Weren’t it for the Daemons and the threat of extinction, they’d have declared war on each other years ago.

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